Adding Images


Image Blocks

There are two different types of Image blocks that can be added to your layout, a standard, static image or a Parallax image.

Parallax Image Block

The Parallax image creates an effect where the background content or image is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling.

Standard Image Block

The standard image is a static image contained within a image block frame that moves at the same pace as the rest of the content while scrolling.


Adding Image Blocks

To add a Parallax image to your layout simply drag the "Parallax image" block from the right-hand column into your page. Place it where you want it positioned then add your preferred image by clicking on "Image" frame at the top of the right-hand side panel and locate and select the image from your computer.

NOTE: Make sure the image is taller than the image frame so that you get the Parallax effect.

You can also set the speed of the Parallax image to slow or fast.

Adding a standard image is the same procedure. Drag the image block from the right-hand column panel into your page. Place it where you want and select and image.

You can single-click the image frame and use the frame's corner handles to scale the image.

You can also double-click on the image and drag the corner handles of the image or image frame in order to resize and adjust the cropping.

Check out the video above on how this is done.


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